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Our Cafe

Welcome to Centergreen Cafe, where we put our hearts into preparing every meal with love and dedication. We provide quality, consistency, and authentic flavors that you can savor with each bite.

Whether it's a quick lunch, takeout, or home delivery, we're delighted to bring the taste of our freshly baked bread to your table, allowing you to share it with your loved ones.

Additionally, we offer catering services for all occasions, including meetings and large events. We're committed to making your breakfast and lunch experiences truly exceptional, and we invite you to become a cherished part of our cafe family.

Our Products

In our cafeteria, we take pride in offering a diverse and delectable array of culinary delights, with a particular focus on our signature sandwiches, the Special Platter of the Day, and our inviting Salad Bar.

Sandwiches: Our sandwiches are more than just a meal; they're a culinary journey that combines the finest ingredients to create flavor-packed masterpieces. From classic combinations to innovative creations, our sandwich menu caters to every palate. Whether you crave a hearty, meaty bite or prefer a fresh and vibrant vegetarian option, our sandwiches are carefully crafted to satisfy your cravings and leave you craving for more.

Special Platter of the Day: Every day, we curate a unique and mouthwatering Special Platter that showcases a diverse range of flavors from around the world. It's a celebration of culinary diversity, and each day brings a new and exciting culinary adventure. Our chefs pour their creativity and expertise into crafting these specials to ensure you experience something truly extraordinary with each visit.

Salad Bar: For those who appreciate fresh and healthy options, our Salad Bar is a haven of crisp, colorful, and nutritious choices. You have the freedom to build your perfect salad, selecting from an array of fresh greens, vibrant vegetables, protein-rich toppings, and an assortment of dressings that cater to various tastes. It's the ideal accompaniment to any meal, offering a refreshing and wholesome balance to your plate.